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High-end hobby packs.
Without paying high-end prices.

Brothers In Cards is proud of our commitment to our brand, our community, and our quality products.

Brothers In Cards.
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We Love Jesus. We Love Family. We Love Sports.
Our Pack Plus Program is the #1 subscription box in the hobby. It’s time to join.

Brothers In Cards is a sports cards company run by former college football players who still love the game. From little league players to little league coaches, we recognize that the love of sports never runs dry. We also recognize it is meant to be shared. With roots in our faith, we have built a community of positivity and support -a community that celebrates each other's endeavors in this beautiful hobby. We want to see you enjoy and succeed in the sports card market and in life. We are excited to welcome you to Brothers In Cards.

About BIC

How we got started

Have you ever walked into a card shop and wanted to open up packs from every single product on the shelf?


We loved walking into Indy Card Exchange (our local card shop) and seeing all the products available to rip. However, our teacher budgets could barely bring in the low end products. But our desire to rip those high end boxes just wouldn't die. We wanted to come up with a way that everyone could have a chance at ripping those high end packs without paying high end prices.


Collecting cards is our way of staying connected to the players, the thrill, and the brotherhood of sports. We are determined to help you be the best fan you can be, by boosting your collection of favorite teams and players. We enjoy getting to know everyone and supporting you.

How we got started
Pack Plus Program Boxes

Pack Plus Program

We buy several different kinds of current year boxes. We buy some good products and some great products. We then randomize a list of packs from those hobby boxes that sorts them into our Brothers In Cards Pack Plus boxes of Bronze (3-packs), Silver (6-packs), and Gold (9-packs).

About - PPP
Who we are
Jonathan Keith & Andrew Dicken - Brothers In Cards

Jonathan Keith & Andrew Dicken

Jonathan grew up in Greentown, Indiana. He played football, basketball, and baseball at Eastern High School. He went on to play quarterback at Taylor University. At TU, he got his degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Youth Ministry. He loved teaching 4th Grade Math at Frances Slocum Elementary for five years before Brothers In Cards became his full time job.


While playing college football, Jonathan and brother Josh Keith started selling cards online and at card shows to pick up some extra money. They had collected as kids but fell in love with the hobby all over again when they recognized the current market and opportunity.


Jonathan's faith in Jesus has always remained a priority in every decision he has made. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says "Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God." He decided that if he was going start this company, his brand would be one that brings glory and light to Jesus.


Jonathan is married to Kayla and has two incredible sons – Truman and Roman. He loves sharing the hobby with them and is known to open an occasional Pack Plus Program box with them on the YouTube channel.

Andy has been with Brothers In Cards since the beginning of the Pack Plus Program back in 2017. Jonathan and Andy met on a charity 7 on 7 team that mutual friend Tyler Harnish set up. It is not hard to become buddies when you score so many touchdowns together!


Andy grew up in Kokomo, Indiana, playing high school football at Northwestern High School. He went on to play wide receiver at Manchester College. He got his degree in elementary education and has been teaching for 8 years now!


Andy's role with Brothers In Cards includes the bulk of the work with our Box Breaks and PSA submissions. He can also be seen wheeling and dealing at card shows or on Facebook. If you reach out to us on social media, you could end up talking to Jonathan or Andy.


Andy is married to Taylor and has two kids: Addison and SJ. They love rooting for the Cowboys and spending time at the pool at the family pool.

Meet the team
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