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Frequently Asked Questions

Please watch our FAQ video below.

Transparency has always been a top priority for us. As we continue to grow, we are reaching more and more potential customers. It is important to us to get you as much information as we can so you can make an informed purchase from us and can be excited about it!

  • How do I manage my subscription?
    You can view your subscription in your account on our website. Go there now > 1. Choose Log In from above if you're not already logged in. 2. Select My Subscriptions from the dropdown or choose My Subscriptions when you get to your account page. 3. From there, you can now view your subscription and details like next bill date. 4. You're also able to manage your profile, address, view orders, etc. To cancel your subscription, you may contact us or cancel inside of PayPal. Please review our cancellation policy in the FAQ below.
  • What payment methods do you support?
    We use PayPal for payments, so we accept any payment methods they support in your country or region. For more on PayPal, please visit Subscriptions currently require a PayPal account. You're able to manage your subscription inside of PayPal. You can set up a PayPal account for free and benefit from their automatic payment solutions for our store and many others you shop with. Set up automatic payments in a flash. Keep track of your bills and purchases in one place. Easily update your billing information. Avoid the hassle of updating all your subscriptions. Pay securely – with the security you expect from PayPal. Pay any way you please. Use your bank account, debit card or credit card. For non-subscription products and orders like our One-time boxes, you will check out with PayPal, but you are not required to have a PayPal account. Instead, select the option below the login window, reading: "Pay with Debt or Credit Card".
  • How do I manage my payment method?
    We use PayPal for payments. This provides you the most flexibility to manage your subscriptions and payment methods. To change your payment method, simply follow these steps: Finding your automatic payments on PayPal: Go to Settings. Click Payments. Click Manage automatic payments. Select the merchant. On this page, you can Cancel the automatic payment and change the payment method. Changing the payment method: Select your current payment method. Select a new payment method or click link a new card or bank. Click Save. Contact information for your merchant can be found in the automatic payment.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You may cancel your subscription by contacting us or in your PayPal account at any time. See FAQ for how to cancel. Please note the date when you cancel: Before Due Date: Your subscription will be cancelled and you will not get a box during that period's Ship Date. After Due Date: Your order was placed already, so your box will ship on that upcoming Ship Date. However, your next month's box will not ship. For a no-commitment purchase, we recommend buying our one-time boxes instead. If you have questions or your order has already shipped before cancelling, please contact us.
  • I just started a new subscription order. When will I see my order?
    You will receive an order confirmation from PayPal soon after you checkout. PayPal then works with us to create your first order (order number with a confirmation email from us). This process usually takes 2-4 hours for a new subscription. Upon each following month's renewal, you'll recevie an order confirmation with an order number for each subscription about 2-4 hours after payment has been received. Note: Sometimes this confirmation can take up to 24 hours, especially on busy order days.
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