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Welcome to the Pack Plus Program.

The best selling subscription box in the hobby.

How it works

How it works

Pick your sport

We currently offer 4 sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball. and Soccer.

Pick Your Sport - Basketball, Football, Baseball & Soccer
Brothers In Cards Choose Your Level - Bronze, Silver or Gold
Choose your level

Brothers In Cards collection mainly consists of sports cards 2014 or newer autographs, jersey cards, and low numbered inserts and parallels. We randomize the packs into your box: Bronze 3-packs, Silver 6-packs, and Gold 8-packs. Gold boxes have a total of 9 packs (8 are randomized).

One pack valued at $40 - $50 is included in every Gold box, guaranteed.

Select how often

You can order a box one-time, or become a subscriber. By subscribing monthly, you're investing in the hobby and securing your spot in the Pack Plus Program.

Our boxes sell out quick, so we suggest a subscription.

One-Time Order or Subscribing Monthly
Order By The Due Date

Order by the due date

We only ship packages 12 times a year. Yep, that means we ship all of our customer orders once, on the same date (Ship Date), every month. If you order a box after the listed Due Date, your box will ship on next month's Ship Date.

🎉 Congrats! Your job is done.

Now here's what we do.

Due Date Agreed

Due Date

As we receive orders, we buy all the products we need for the current month's program. After our Due Date, we confirm the lineup. We always announce our featured products at the beginning of the month on our Blog, YouTube, and Instagram. Sign up for our newsletter to ensure you miss nothing.


To see which packs could be in this month's program, look for the Featured Product video on our YouTube channel.

Calendar Sort Day

Sort Day

We randomize all packs live on our YouTube channel. We then put stickers on the back of each box with your name and the packs that you got from the randomization. Once everything is ready, we have our big Sort Day, which includes the entire Brothers In Cards team carefully sorting each pack into your boxes.


For honesty and transparency in the process, we livestream our sort week effort every month.


Check out our sort date announcement for the chance to watch it live on YouTube.

Package Shipment Day

Ship Date

We ship all orders once each month. If you missed the due date for this month, your order ships on next month's Ship Date.


Why doesn't your order come right when you place it? We wait until all orders come in before the Due Date, so that we can begin to randomize packs during Sort Day. This allows for a truly randomized process. Make sense?


Want to know more? See our FAQ

What we do

Why the Pack Plus Program works

We have several formulas that dictate which products we use for our program.

We focus on current pack value according to (box price / packs in box).


Gold boxes getting hits*


Football or basketball hobby boxes under $250

*hits are less likely in the basketball program as basketball products have few or no hits at all (rookie cards are more important)

Why it works


Watch top YouTubers open their Pack Plus Program boxes.



Search video...
2017 SPECTRA - Silver - Brothers in Cards Pack Plus Program Box Break

2017 SPECTRA - Silver - Brothers in Cards Pack Plus Program Box Break

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Brothers in Cards January GOLD FOOTBALL Box | PC BOOOOOOM!!!!!

Brothers in Cards January GOLD FOOTBALL Box | PC BOOOOOOM!!!!!

Play Video
Brothers in Cards Pack Plus Bronze Box

Brothers in Cards Pack Plus Bronze Box

Play Video

We ship products once each month

Below is a countdown for the last day you can order and still receive a box in the same month.

All orders placed after the deadline will be shipped on the following month's dates.

Due Date Countdown
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