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2023 QB Honorable Mentions

These guys may not get drafted, but they had incredible seasons

Getting drafted in the NFL isn't just about stat lines. There are several contributing factors that quarterbacks cannot control - size being the main one. I was so frustrated in high school when I wasn't getting D1 looks. My stats were great. I performed well at camps. But I was only 6'1" 195 lbs and played at a 2A school in Indiana that didn't win very many games. When I got to the NAIA, I told myself that if I was the best NAIA QB in the nation, an All-American, then maybe I would have a shot at getting an UDFA opportunity. None of that happened.

The guys on this list may or may not get drafted. But I commend them to the highest level because they made the absolute most of their situations in their final collegiate campaign. I have been chomping at the bit to write about Division II standout Tyson Bagent.

Bagent's legacy started in high school, where he won TWO State Championships. He threw for 7,200 yards and 112 touchdowns. To put that in perspective, I was ranked 3rd in passing yards in the state of Indiana both my junior and senior year, yet I only ended up with 6,600 yards in my career (and only 66 touchdowns).

Regardless of his incredible output, he did not garner much interest from D1 programs when he was labeled as a Zero-Star recruit. So he did what I and many other college bound athletes do when the D1 dream falls down - stay close to home. He decided to attend local Shepherd University in his home state of West Virginia. They recognized exactly how good Tyson Bagent was. He ended up starting 53 games for the SU Rams, amassing almost 17,000 passing yards and 159 touchdown passes. This was enough to get an invite to the Senior Bowl. It may have happened before, but I can't think of a single Division II QB that has ever been invited to the Senior Bowl. He put out a solid performance, completing 77% of his passes. However, he did end with a rough INT that ended the game. He also earned an invite to the NFL Combine, giving him another chance to get some attention.

I'm not sure where I would rank him on my list - it's almost impossible to compare a D2 schedule and competition to that of a Power 5 D1 challenge, but I am thoroughly impressed with how little doubt Bagent left that he was the best Division II QB in the country - maybe even ever.

Tim Demorat is another honorable mention that seems to be heading for the UDFA route, but I believe he may be worth that chance in the 7th or maybe even 6th round. Standing 6'4" and 220 lbs, he looks like a professional QB. And his numbers will make you wonder why he isn't getting more looks.

In his final season at Fordham, he threw for 4,891 yards and 56 touchdowns (only 10 INTS). His team lost only 3 games this year in spite of the offense scoring 52, 52, and 42 in those games.

When I just look at the numbers and the formula I always use, he ranks 6th on my list. Nobody in this draft class through more passes. He threw 15 more touchdown passes than any other D1 QB on the list (CJ Stroud was 2nd with 41). Demorat had 7 games with 5 TD passes! Even if you were to go through some of your favorite QBs against the worst teams they played, you will be hard pressed to find that many games with 5 TD passes.

To be honest, I think he is a better version of Tanner McKee - but McKee went to Stanford and Demorat went to Fordham. I get that there is a huge gap there, but if the film has any weight to it at all, Demorat is worth a deeper look.

A couple more honorable mentions before I sign off:

Todd Centeio and Jake Haener

A 6'0" QB at James Madison has a whole lot to overcome to be considered in the NFL Draft, but Centeio gave it his best shot. He ranked 4th in ESPN Passer Rating among draft eligible QBs and only had 5 INTS after throwing 25 TDs. He ended his career with a great showing against a solid Coastal Carolina team - 4 TDs, 0 INTs, and a big beautiful W.

Jake Haener actually made my Top 5 list at the beginning of the 2021 college football season. After a red-hot start, the rest his '21 season was just slightly above average. I was glad to see him come back. Although he never really got back to that red-hot level, he continued to do what impressed me the most -protect the ball. He only threw 3 INTS all year, leading Fresno State to an 8-2 record with him at the helm. He also had the best completion percentage of any draft eligible QB at a stunning 72%!

I actually think Haener is the most likely to be drafted out of all of these guys. I would love to see him in the NFL preseason.

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