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Is the 2022 QB Draft Class Underrated?

More QBs from the 2022 class will be starting in Week 1 than from the highly touted 2021 class.

It seems like the 2022 class has been cast away by the hobby. I'll admit that I wasn't excited about this class pre-draft either. I was excited when Pickett went back to Pittsburgh but I really wasn't thrilled about any of the other placements. I was a big believer in Matt Corral and Bailey Zappe, but their opportunities seemed limited where they got drafted (Zappe might just be okay).

Only one QB was taken in the 1st round. None in the 2nd. However, these later round guys took full advantage of their situations. There will be FOUR Week 1 starting quarterbacks from the 2022 Draft Class. Two of which belong to huge hobby fan bases. Only the crazy 2020 class will have more starting QBs in Week 1 of this season. Aside from the starters, you have Bailey Zappe and Malik Willis is significant QB2 scenarios.

I want to dive into each of their situations here in a minute. But before I do I want to talk about 2022 wax prices. A box of 2022 Contenders Football Hobby has risen to its highest price yet (that I've seen) on Blowout at $400 per box. The 2021 Contenders Football Hobby box is at $500. The 2020 Contenders Football Hobby box is at $1,180...

I am absolutely not saying that the 2022 class is comparable to the 2021 and 2020 classes in terms of quality QBs, but I am saying that the 2022 wax prices are significantly more affordable - and that you have a real chance of pulling ink for starting quarterbacks. There were also six wide receivers drafted in the first round of 2022 that all could have huge jumps in their second year.

My point is this: if you like ripping football hobby packs, 2022 is the year to rip right now. 2023 prices are going to be wild when they release. 2022 products have more potential than they did nine months ago. Shameless plug:

Our subscription box contains the most recent hobby packs out there (most of which are 2022). There will be a little bit of 2023 Legacy and 2023 Luminance, but the vast majority of our packs will be 2022. We will be including an entire case of 2022 Contenders Football. Each Gold box will be guaranteed packs of 2022 Certified and 2022 Phoenix - both of which have high hit percentages. You could also see a pack of 2022 Prizm land in your box - these packs are worth nearly $100 at this point.

There has never been a better time to purchase a gold subscription, as we have begun the Golden Ticket era. We are going to be sending out at least one Golden Ticket this month - whoever gets that Golden Ticket will get to add one of these prizes to their box for absolutely free. (only gold subscription customers are eligible for the Golden Ticket giveaway).

Let's get back to the quarterbacks.

Kenny Pickett was the only QB taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He went back to the city where he played college ball in - Pittsburgh. Steelers Nation is one of the most well represented fan bases in the hobby. He is surrounded withe weapons - most of which are still on their rookie contract (so they can afford to build a wall around him). I believe that the AFC North is one of the toughest divisions in football, but if Pickett can ever lead the Steelers back to the playoffs, his market will explode. Throughout the highs and lows of the hobby, I have never struggled to sell Steelers cards - and they haven't won a playoff game since the 2016 season.


Brock Purdy is the real deal. From Mr. Relevant to the clearcut starter for a Super Bowl contender, he has already proved that he is special. We saw him do things we have never seen before. He started nine games last year, and the only one that the 49ers lost came in the NFC Championship against the Eagles - who may very well be the best team in the NFL. I should also mention that Brock Purdy only threw four passes before getting injured in that game (he completed all four of them). He is 8-0 in games where he's thrown 5 of more passes. He's the real deal.

I understand that the questions about his injury and the Trey Lance potential slowed down his market in the hobby. But all of that is in the past now. Lance is officially a bust and Purdy has been cleared to start Week 1. The 49ers are one of the best fan bases in the hobby. Like I mentioned about the Steelers, I've never had a hard time selling 49ers cards - and the 49ers are more relevant in the hobby now than they ever were with Jimmy G under center. I know he's still a little pricey right now, but I believe Brock Purdy is absolutely a buy right now. And he's a reason to consider 2022 wax. His auto is not in every product, but it is in Certified, Prizm, Contenders, and Illusions - all of which are in this month's Pack Plus Program.


Desmond Ridder was not someone that I was real high on pre-draft and I pretty much wrote him off when he went to the Falcons. Personally, I'm still not a Ridder believer. However, I will say that the NFC South is one of the most wide open divisions in the league. Derek Carr, Baker Mayfield, Bryce Young, or Desmond Ridder is going to be on the team that goes to the playoffs. Why not the Falcons? Atlanta isn't a small fan base - they have just been deflated since the 28-3 debacle. But they did just draft the best running back prospect we've seen for a while. They have a real playoff hope this year. They hype is building up. Just in time for Atlanta to possibly host The National in 2025...when it will be time to talk about extending Ridder...


Sam Howell posted the strongest arm out of all the QBs in this class. I did not care about that one single bit. He went to a brutal organization out in Washington. I stopped caring altogether. However, it's clear that he cares. And it's clear that the Commanders care about him. They were ready and confident to make him the starting quarterback since last season came to a close. His backups are Jacoby Brissett and Jake Fromm. They are committed to giving Sam Howell a full run this year. They start the season against the worst team in the NFL who may not even have their starting quarterback. I look for Sam Howell to be one of those Week 1 hype guys.

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