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Perspective is Everything

Refocus. Get your priorities in order. Get back to the basics.

I wrote an article a couple weeks ago about Humility and Wisdom that had some of the lessons I learned over the last few months. One of the greatest catalysts to my growth came from one question. And it came at my absolute rock bottom. It was the first time I ever sought counseling. And it was the first question he asked me.

Before I get into the question he asked, I want to preface that I am not typing up this blog to preach at you. I understand that everyone has different experiences, different upbringings, different perspectives. I understand that religion has had dark moments and negative effects on many people. If you are following us, you know that I am a follower of Jesus. I believe in a God that loves me, but I admit that I do not fully understand Him. Whether or not you take your faith seriously, or whether or not you believe the God I serve is the real deal, consider for a moment that there is a Creator and that your life has purpose. I believe that. So this question hit.

My answer was yes. One word. I didn't even have the energy to have other questions. He asked a simple question. I gave a simple answer. My situation was far from simple, but somehow, this perspective began to calm the storm. Yes, I believe God still has purpose in my life. Yes, I believe that I can make decisions that God wants me to make, as opposed to decisions that He would NOT want me to make. Yes, I believe He wants good things for me. Yes, I trust Him to lead me.

Recognizing those truths - that I believe those truths in my soul - I needed that. I have been steadfast in my faith since I was young, but going through these storms had me dazed and confused. That question definitely didn't provide immediate healing or clear guidance. But it did calm the storm a little. It reminded me that I do have a leader. There is someone to look to when I have no idea what to do. He may not provide immediate or audible answers. But His Word is full of instruction and direction.

Kayla and I have been spending more time reading the Bible together in the last couple months than we ever have - and we are learning so much. It's amazing how often I read a verse that I have read before - but it hits different in the moment I need it most.

I want to be strong, firm, and steadfast. I want restoration. I believe God is full of Grace and that He is excited to restore me. The suffering part is not so fun.

I should say the suffering part WAS no fun. I am doing significantly better now. God has been good in so many ways. There are still hard moments and hard days, but the good shines through. I am so thankful for my family.

What is God's will?

Honestly, I've learned that there are a lot of answers to that question. The fastest way to find those answers is to stop asking what your own will is. When you are mad, when you are hurting, when you are confused - you may want some things that you know are not good. It can be hard to trust yourself in those moments. So trust God instead. Ask yourself that question: Do I want to do God's will? If the answer is yes, look at your situation as if you have no control. What would Jesus do in that situation? In my experience, I have noticed two things.

  1. If you aren't willing to change, you will have a hard time recognizing God's will.

  2. If you truly want to do God's will, it will become very clear very fast.

God's will can influence your next moments. For me, it was an hourly focus. What is God's will now? What is God's will now? What is God's will now? There was never an audible answer. There was always a clear direction as to whether I could make a good or a bad choice.

If there is something in your life that feels like it's falling apart, I encourage you to seek God's will through your moments. Don't just look at the overall view - we know God wants us to be healthy and happy overall. But look at your moments - some of those won't be happy. What is God's will in those moments? If God's will was clear, would you want to do it?

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but this question has been integral in my mental health, spiritual growth, and overall mindset as I battle different challenges. I am so thankful for the guy that asked when I was in my darkest moments. I hope to be able to help someone like he helped me that day.

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