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2023 QB Rankings 6-10

This truly is a deeper QB class than we have seen in the past. Think 2012.

In 2012, we saw 4 quarterbacks get drafted in the 1st round. They all became starters for their franchises. Between rounds 2-4, four more quarterbacks were drafted. All of them became starters for their franchises as well. In fact, the latter four QBs have yielded 2 Super Bowl rings to date, and two of those four are still active starters today.

When I look at this year's class, I see a lot of similarities. 4-5 1st round potential guys with 4-5 guys who I can see having success given the right fit. When I look at my lists from the past few years, I don't see near as much potential in my 6-10 rankings. This will be an exciting year for cards to be sure.

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#10 Jaren Hall

Hall actually ranks #7 when I just look at the numbers. He only took 12 sacks this year - putting him #5 in the Sacks/Attempt stat. He threw 31 TDs to only 6 INTs. He had multiple touchdowns in all games but 1.

6'1" holds down your potential in the eyes of NFL scouts. He's 25 years old, but I think that is a very overrated doubt that is focused on by the public more than the teams sending in the picks. He has decent speed. BYU doesn't run the ball very much, but he made it work when he had to. He was the Cougars' 2nd leading rusher in 2021.

What I like most about Hall is that his floor is not very low at all. He played his worst game against Notre Dame last year, and it wasn't really bad at all. He posted a 139.3 ESPN Passer Rating (higher than Anthony Richardson's season average) while throwing 2 touchdowns and 1 INT. The Irish were not ranked at that point but they were close. He played two other ranked teams:

He completed 70.7% of his passes, threw 2 TDs and 0 picks in a loss to Oregon.

He beat Baylor in Overtime.

I see Jaren Hall as a better version of Tanner McKee, who most analysts have in their Top 10. In fact, Hall beat McKee in their final collegiate game. I believe he will get drafted in later rounds. Being #10 in a deep QB class isn't bad by any means.

#9 Stetson Bennett

I could write a whole article on the positives about Stetson Bennett. His tape is impressive. He is one of only four quarterbacks in NCAA history to win back-to-back National Championships. He is a proven winner.

If he was 4 inches taller, things would be much different for him in the NFL. If you are going to be successful in the NFL at 5'11", you need to be incredibly talented as a runner and a passer. I would use the word "incredible" to describe his career at Georgia, but not his talents.

He still deserves his respect and will surely be drafted. He ranks #2 overall on my stat list. He completed 68.3% of his passes, threw 27 TDs to 7 INTs, and only took 9 sacks all year - putting him #1 on the S/A ranking. He posted a 161.2 ESPN Passer Rating putting him #6 compared to other draft eligible QBs. He did all of that against the hardest schedule in college football.

His height and athleticism/strength hold him to #9 on my list, but I will never forget his incredible run at Georgia.

#8 Dorian Thompson-Robinson

DTR may be the best running QB in the draft this year. He ran for 12 touchdowns. He posted a 4.56 40 yd dash at the combine, which is actually slow for him. He is as smooth of an athlete as you can find at QB. A lot of mobile QBs like DTR tend to take a lot of sacks - he doesn't. After only taking 16 sacks this season, he ranks #6 in S/A (if you haven't noticed, this stat means a lot to me).

He gets it done as a passer as well. He ranks #2 in completion percentage after he hit 69.6% of his targets. That was consistent all year - he played 4 ranked teams this year and completed an average of 69% of his passes against them too, while scoring 17 total touchdowns!

He was a 4-year starter at UCLA and has all kinds of potential. There are concerns about his mentality and whether or not he will be able to bulk up and correct some mechanics. In my opinion, that can be said for anyone. I believe DTR is extremely underrated, even in this deep class. At this point, I expect him to go in later rounds. If he can adapt well in camp, I believe he is going to be fun to watch this preseason.

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#7 Max Duggan

I watched a lot TCU football this year. I was on the Max Duggan train back in October, so I watched him every chance I could. They were undefeated right up til the Big 12 Championship game, and let me tell you, Duggan carried them there. I believe 5-6 of those wins were in comeback fashion. I'm not sure I have seen a quarterback play with such heart since Tim Tebow in his reign at Florida.

Many tuned in to that Big 12 Championship game, in which the Horned Frogs fell just short of a victory (on a questionable call at the end). However, Duggan could not have put on a better showing on his, at that time, biggest stage yet.

Through the 2022 season, TCU faced 8 ranked teams - they were 8-2. Honestly, they probably should have been 4-4 at best, but Duggan truly carried them. He scored 23 total touchdowns in those games.

He ranked #9 on my stat list, but since I watched the majority of his games, I am willing to give a little grace. He is unique in the fact that he is a true gunslinger and a true dual-threat. He took too many sacks for my liking, but watching the games, I noticed that many of those sacks were early in the game. He would learn and adjust.

He threw 32 touchdowns and ran for 9. He posted a 4.52 40 yd dash. Only Anthony Richardson ran faster. Max Duggan made remarkable strides from his junior year to his senior year. He did not adapt well to playing against that Georgia defense, but then again, no-one really did this year. I would be shocked if Duggan fell out of the 3rd round. His heart and physical tools have been noticed. Teams know they will get 100% of what Max Duggan has to offer.

#6 Clayton Tune

Some of you may have caught my article "System QB" . I was inspired to write that because of Clayton Tune's situation. The fact that he played at Houston has nothing to do with his potential. I'm not real sure why it has that connotation. The last QB as consistent as Tune at Houston was Case Keenum. Although he went undrafted, he started 66 games in the NFL, including 2 playoff games, over a decade long career.

I have not seen anyone rank Tune as highly as I am ranking him. I may not be an expert, but I can't help but recognize that Tune is a legitimate prospect. He ranked #5 overall on my stat sheet.

6'3" 220 lbs

4 year starter

4.64 40 yd dash

40 TDs to 10 INTs (3rd)

67.3% completion % (5th)

Extremely accurate with beautiful touch.

I look at the negatives and I just don't fully accept them.

He went to Houston? See the "System QB" article I wrote.

He's too slim and lanky? Many QBs bulk up through their rookie season. Daniel Jones is a great example.

Arm strength matters but just because he is below some of the others doesn't mean he isn't good enough to play in the NFL. Did Peyton Manning or Tom Brady have better arm strength? Who cares. The truth is they weren't near the top when comparing to others.

I think a great comparison for Clayton Tune is Drew Lock. Lock was a 2nd round pick who won 5 games as a rookie starter. He didn't pan out after that, but you can't argue he wasn't a sound prospect. I like Tune a lot and I imagine some other scouts do too.

I think Tune is a steal after the 2nd round even though he's projected in rounds 5-7.

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