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April Pack Plus Program

Blitz Sale starts now!

Ever participated in our Blitz Sale?

Simply order a gold box while the sale is going on and get a FREE Bonus! We run this sale at the beginning of the month because it gives us some capital to get the best deals possible as we buy product before Due Date. This sale makes the program better! This month's bonuses are solid, as 8/25 of them are valued at $25-$90! Watch our socials to see which prizes will be included in the sale! We will be live on IG from 7-8pm EST Wednesday night to reveal the prizes. You don't have to be present to get a Blitz Bonus - order a gold box anytime between now and 8pm Wednesday to get the prize!

Here are the Features for this month's subscription box:


Gold Feature: Bowman Draft Jumbo

Core Feature: Bowman's Best

Program Features:

Bowman Draft Super Jumbo

Topps Finest (case) Bowman Chrome (case)

Topps Series 1 Jumbo (2023)

Topps Fire (1 box)



Gold Feature: Select

Core Feature: Mosaic

Program Features:

NEW Revolution (case)

NEW Prizm (3 boxes) NEW Contenders

Donruss (case) Elite



Gold Feature: Phoenix FOTL

Core Feature: Contenders FOTL

Program Features: Contenders (case)

Prizm (9 boxes)

Mosaic No Huddle


Elite FOTL


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