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Exciting Week for Brothers In Cards!

All three phases of our business are rolling over the next few days!

Breaking Bowman's Best!

We have a half case break going tonight! Still plenty of spots left - get 10% off if its your first break with us!

We organize our breaks on our Facebook Group and break live on our YouTube channel.


We had about 500 auctions ending this week - most tonight and tomorrow night!

Get FREE SHIPPING if you're in our Pack Plus Program

Sunday is Due Date for March's Pack Plus Program!

This month is LOADED - especially Football. Every Gold box gets a pack of 2022 Phoenix FOTL which comes with 1 auto, 1 mem, 1 FOTL exclusive parallel /25 or less AND a FOTL exclusive RPA /25 or less - and those are SICK. We also included a full cases of 2021 Contenders and 2022 Phoenix in the program to go along with the brand new 2022 Prizm - a half case! Here are the rest of the March Pack Plus details:

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