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FREE spot in our Phoenix Break

We give a FULL REFUND to one spot every time we do a Random Team Break. There are still spots available - you could get free cards tonight!

We love Phoenix, and Panini did not disappoint with this year's design.

With a 4 box break, there is a 25% chance we get a case hit to go along with the 8 guaranteed autographs and 4 memorabilia cards. Add in the silvers and numbered cards (especially the Fire & Ice /50) and pretty much everyone is going to get something in this break!

Spots are selling fast, so get in there before its too late.

$85 per random team - all cards ship

As always, one spot will get a FULL REFUND at the end of the break!

All of our breaks are organized and ran through our Facebook group.

We then break the boxes live on our YouTube channel. Below is last week's Phoenix break!

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