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January Featured Products

Brothers In Cards "January 2022" Featured Products

Our January programs are LOADED.

Start the year off with high-end packs at high-end prices with Brothers In Cards.

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January 2022 Sports Cards Subscription Box Program from Brothers In Cards, featuring Josh Allen certified card, Michael Vick transitions, Rashaan Evans signed Scripts, and Aaron Rogers Dark Horses certified cards

Brothers In Cards Pack Plus Program - January 2022 Dates - 12/31 to 1/5 All out Blitz!, 1/3 to 1/6 eBay auctions ending, 1/23 Due Date, 1/31 Ship Date


January 2022 Pack Plus Program Details:

We've started our Soccer Card Packs in the August 2021 program. Check out that announcement here >

Orders Open:

Monday, December 20

All out Blitz!:

Friday, December 31 - Wednesday, January 5

eBay auctions ending:

Monday, January 3 - Thursday, January 6

January Due Date:

Sunday, January 23

January Ship Date:

Monday, January 31

Video Transcript >

What's up? Pack plus FAM. Oh, man, I hope you guys had the greatest Christmas. We sure did. Here.

Brothers and Cards man. Christmas morning with my boys was a blast, man. We had a great time with family. I hope you guys did too. I hope it was a great time for you and your family as we end 2021 here, I just want to say thank you guys so much.

All brothers and Cards family, whether you've supported us through opening our boxes or buying cars on our ebay auctions or even just liking our posts and videos like, man, we appreciate you guys. We feel very loved. We feel very blessed from the card community, from our fellow collectors and from the Pack plus FAM and the brothers and Cards family that we've built over the last few years. And we are so blessed by you guys, and we are very thankful and we want to pass that on a little bit.

We want to be a blessing to you guys.

So last month we did something a little bit different with our Blitz night. Typically, Blitz night was like 1 hour out of the month where we gave away a bunch of stuff during that hour. And last month we turned it into a couple of days and we're going to go even harder this month with our all out Blitz. And so the way this one is going to work is starting right now, starting right now. Anybody that orders a box from our website between now and 08:00 p.m..

Next Wednesday on January 5 at 08:00 p.m.. Any order between now and then is going to get a Blitz bonus, which ends up being a free pack. So we're still kind of getting some of those Blitz prizes together. But we are excited to do an all out Blitz a long period of time here where we can give away a lot of packs to anybody that orders during that time. And so we want to pass that on.

Our goal is to get to 60 boxes. We'd love to give 60 packs away, and if we do that, we're going to give away a bronze box in the Blitz giveaway. So all you got to do is order from our website between now and 08:00 p.m. Eastern time next Wednesday, we'll go live at about eight or 830 on our YouTube channel, and we'll post who's getting what and that giveaway. And it should be a lot of fun.

So we're excited to pass that along to you guys. Next week is a big week for that reason for the all out Blitz, but also because we have about 800 or so auctions ending on our ebay store. All of them started at 499, including the ones you see here, and you can get free shipping if you're in our Pack Plus program. If you order a box between now and then, we'll see it and we'll send you a shipping invoice next Friday. On the 7th and that invoice will have free shipping.

So if you're in the Pack Plus program, don't pay for anything until we send you that shipping invoice with free shipping. And if you buy a bunch of cards, we'll send you discounts on shipping. Even if you're not in the Pack Plus program, we'll cap it at $5. So even if you buy like, 100 of those 800 cards, you'll only pay $5 shipping. Just wait for that invoice.

That will come on Friday. We're super excited about this month's program in January. It's just kind of a good time of the year in the hobby. A lot of fun products are coming out that we're always excited about in a lot of different sports and soccer just had some new releases. In fact, I have the boxes sitting right here.

This is Donress Soccer Donors Soccer Rotary. They got caboombs in these boxes. This is going to be the gold feature. So every single gold box in soccer is going to get a pack of that. So that's going to be exciting right there.

Hopefully we see some Kabooms come out of our box. It'll be a lot of fun. Post them on Instagram Tags. We want to share those out because Kaboom are like my favorite thing. I love Kaboom.

So yeah, the gold feature in Soccer is going to be donors. The core feature is going to be Tops Chrome. We've got a lot of positive feedback on the Tops Chrome. You way for being the core feature. So you're guaranteed to get a pack of that whether you order a gold, silver or bronze.

Our new core feature is going to be in there. So that's exciting. Then the regular program. We plan on putting a half case of the new Prism that comes out. The new Prism is set right now and come out on January 14.

As long as it comes out by the 21st or even, I guess. Yeah, the 21st. As long as it comes out by the 21st, it will be on the program. If it gets pushed back past that, we'll probably have to go with last year's Prism, which is still a great product, but yeah, no excited about some new stuff in soccer. It's been a while since we've had some new stuff.

It should be a fun program. We'll have some Merlin in there as well, and some finest. It should be great. We move on to baseball. Guys, baseball's program this month is loaded, maybe more loaded than any program we've had for a while.

We're going to go with Bowman Sterling as the gold feature. Again, that's higher than normal gold feature, for sure. And then our core feature is going to be the brand new Bowman Draft jumbo that just came out this week. And so you're starting. If you buy a gold box, you're starting with two really great packs.

In fact, you're starting with about $100 in packs right there in those two packs, and then you'll get seven packs from the random, and we're going to put a lot of the brand new Bowman's best in the program as well. And then we're going to put a couple of boxes of Museum in there. Actually, the most probable box in baseball is over $300 in packs. It's probably the highest most probable box we've ever had. Now, that box isn't guaranteed, but the way the math works out, it says this should be the most probable box.

That box is worth over $300, which is insane because our box costs 255 on our website. But it's a lot of fun. You're going to get some talks Museum in there. You're going to get some of those other big products. Baseball is going to be fun this month.

I'm excited for it. Football, man. There's so many new products coming. I'm so excited. I'm a football guy.

As you can see on my shirt, we're all College football players here, brothers and cards. And so we are very excited for some of these new products. We're hoping everything releases on time, so we're going to stay very aware. I know we work really good with Jake from Indicate Change. He lets us know that this gets bumped.

So we started looking for alternatives, but as of right now, we plan on having the new Phoenix as our gold feature. I believe it's supposed to come out on the 19th. I'd have to double check that, but it's coming somewhere in there where even if it gets pushed one week, we're still going to have it as the gold feature this month's program. If it gets pushed back more than a week and it gets pushed back in February, we're going to go back to certified for the gold feature, but most likely, it's looking like Phoenix is going to be the gold feature for football, which means everybody that orders a gold box is getting a pack of the brand new Phoenix.

Oh, man, I cannot wait to see what that looks like.

I can't wait to rip them for myself. Phoenix is one of my favorites every single year. And then to balance that, the core feature is going to be play off. And then when we look at the main program, we got the box of prison hobby as we always have. We always have a box of prison hobby in our football programs.

What we love to do, we're going to have a half case of illusions. I'm hoping that we get the half with that case hit. That new, like, Hologram case hit is beautiful. I want to see somebody pull one of those from our brothers and Cards box. That would be wicked awesome.

So half case of Illusions is going to be in there. We're going to have, like, ten plus boxes of certified so that hip percentage is going to be high. And then we're going to have two boxes of the new mosaic. Now I'm hoping that one doesn't get pushed. I'm hoping that stays right where it is and we can make that happen.

We'll get creative if things move around. But if everything comes out as scheduled or even if it gets bumped just a little bit. The program for football has Phoenix has a gold feature, playoff as a core feature, and then you're most likely getting some illusions. Mosaic Prisoner certified. You're getting at least one of those in, like, 90% or higher of the boxes that we're going to be sending out.

So exciting stuff this month is going to be fun in football. I can't wait to see. I can't wait to rip the boxes with my boys because I always get a silver box with my boys. We don't always post the videos on YouTube. Sometimes I run out of time to do that, but these are going to be fun boxes this month.

Very excited for that. And last, but not least, we have basketball. The gold feature for basketball is going to be a new product as well. Donress Donors is coming out. I think the 14th, and it's going to be our gold feature for January.

If it gets pushed back a week or even maybe a little bit more than we will still be. Okay. So everybody's going to be getting a pack of donors. Basketball for basketball's, gold box. And then the core feature is going to be Flux.

And we were kind of on the fence for a couple of products, and we put up a story on our Instagram where we asked, we gave people some options, and overwhelmingly, it looked like Flux was the winner. So every box, gold, silver or bronze, is guaranteed to have a pack of Flux this month. The box toppers from those products. We're going to put those in the random so those will be in the actual program. The regular packs in Flux will be in your box.

You guaranteed to have a pack of Flux in your box, whether it's gold, silver, or bronze. Then in the program, we're also going to include some contenders, a good chunk of contenders, and then a lot of Mosaic fast break. And I have those boxes here, too. We're going to put, like, seven or eight of these in the program. And if the program keeps growing, we'll put more.

I love Mosaic. Mosaic. Fast Break is a great product. It's cheaper than the hobby, but you can still get a lot of those silvers, the Mosaic silvers, all that good stuff. So that'll be there.

And then we're going to have a couple of boxes of Optic hobby in there, too. Optic is always one of my favorite products. I love it in basketball. Get some of those colors. And again, this will be the hobby version.

So there's a lot of good chances to get some number stuff in there. So yeah, guys, all four programs are looking really strong this month. They're looking strong. They have new products in them. And if you order between now and next Wednesday, you're going to get bonus packs in there.

So highly recommend that you try to get that order in and that you get over to our ebay store and check out all those options. Give you some free shipping. Hopefully this is a great way to start your 2022 and the hobby. We are proud to do it. We love to do this for you guys, and we hope you guys have a great and safe happy New Year tonight.

Enjoy your celebration and then get ready to just get after it tomorrow on New Year's Day. So, guys, God bless you. We love you. We're thankful before you guys have a great weekend.

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