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June Pack Randomization Results

This email was supposed to go out Thursday...

Wondering where your Pack Plus box is? We had a delay with some shipments for June's products. They were delivered on Friday. My family had planned a camping trip from Friday-Tuesday and I did not want to miss out on that. We are going to get after it today and get all boxes shipped out. Expect a tracking email later today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

Also be on the look out for another email coming from us today - SEVERAL announcements including THE LAST BLITZ SALE EVER. It may sound a little dramatic, but we have other plans moving forward. If you like the Blitz Sale, be sure to snag a box tonight. We are taking orders for Blitz now! Any Gold Box purchased between now and 8pm EST will get a Blitz Bonus.

We have not yet determined July's lineup, but it is very possible that availability will be limited. I sent out an email last week advising to get your order in sooner rather than later because wax has gone wild - tonight is the absolute best night to do that - even though we aren't quite sure what will be in there. We stand by the 6 years of quality service to ensure the program will have the value it does on a monthly basis.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Again, I apologize for the delay on this email - I thought the Pack Randomization Results were sent last Thursday. Apparently that was not the case. Here ya go!


june bb23
Download PDF • 4.47MB


june bk23
Download PDF • 4.45MB


june fb23
Download PDF • 4.50MB

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