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March 2022 Pack Plus Program Preview

We are excited about another great month for the Brothers In Cards Pack Plus Program!

Help us spread the word to fellow collectors across all four sports! We're featuring hobby packs for football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Brothers In Cards "March 2022" Featured Products


March 2022 Pack Plus Program Details:

Calendar with March 2022 Dates for Brothers In Cards
March 2022 Dates for Brothers In Cards

Get in early on Soccer Card subscription boxes and have a better chance to win that Bronze box. Check out that announcement here >

Orders Open:

Monday, February 21

All Out Blitz:

Friday, February 26 - Wednesday, March 2

eBay Single Cards Auctions:

Week of March 6 - March 10

Card Show: The Kokomo Card Show:

Saturday, March 12

Card Show: Chicago Sports Spectacular:

Friday, March 18 - Sunday March 20

March Due Date:

Sunday, March 20

Card Show: Shipshewana Card Fest by BEE SPORTS:

Saturday, March 26

March Ship Date:

Tuesday, March 29

Trade Night:

Wednesday, March 30

Video Transcript

What's up, pack plus FAM. I hope you are ready to enjoy your February boxes as we are working on getting them sent out this week. And there are so many insane boxes. In fact, if one of these card shops is yours, find your way in there because they're going to have our boxes over the next week if they don't have them already. And yeah, February's program was insane, insane.

And we're excited to do that again here in March. It's crazy to think that March is already here. I feel that way every month, but here we are. I want to talk about subscriptions first before we talk about anything else. First of all, did you know that every time you have a subscription every single month, you're entered into a giveaway to win a free bronze box?

We do this for every sport football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. We give away a free bronze box every single month to somebody that has an active subscription. So keep that in mind. The other reason why it's important to have a subscription is because we will always take care of our customers that have a subscription. Something that you guys may remember from last year or the year before that is when the hobby runs dry of product.

There have been some times where we've had to shut the program down, or at least a sport. With Zion and John's Rookie, we had to shut basketball down for a while, but we took care of our subscriptions. They still got a box every month. Even though we didn't open the program for new orders, the people that had an active subscription still got a box. We are not quite there yet, but football is looking very grim for the months to come.

In terms of product availability, a lot of the products that we normally have had out by months has still not been released. In fact, Phoenix got pushed further into April. Prism is at the end of April now probably going to be in May. It's crazy. Those are factors that we obviously have no control over, but it is making my job pretty difficult.

In fact, the products that have been released have gone up so much in price. Last month when I made the product preview video, a box of Illusions was about 525 on Blowout. Now it's 660. That really bit me over the last couple of weeks as I was making sure I got enough Illusions to fulfill orders certified last month less than 31 days ago was at 450 a box and Blow out. Now it's at 575.

In fact, when we look at the products you're paying 255 for, Gold box ends up being about 28 28 $29 a pack. And there's only five products that fit that bill anymore. It's Donners Donors, Hybrid, Elite, Classics, H Two, and Legacy. So, like, only the bottom tier products are even hitting that Mark anymore. So it's making my job complicated.

But I'm going to make sure I do it right for everybody that is in the pack. Plus program this month and moving forward. If you have a subscription, you can guarantee that you're getting a box. I don't know how many orders we'll be able to take in April if things continue this way, but in March, we're going to open it up for 25 gold, 25 silver and 25 bronze. As soon as those sell out, we will not be getting any more football orders unless you start a subscription.

We will be taking subscriptions all month, or at least that's the plan right now. So if you want to start a subscription, you have that you are able to do that. Last month we sold out of those 25 boxes, or we sold 25 boxes during the Blitz sale. So keep that in mind. In that first week, we sold 25 gold, so they're probably not going to last a super long time.

You might as well get that order in now and take advantage of our all out Blitz sale. Anybody that orders from right now until Wednesday at 08:00 P.m.. Eastern time is going to get a free bonus pack in their box. So if you order now, you are guaranteed that bonus pack and you're guaranteed to get a box. If you wait much longer than that, I'm not sure there will be anything available.

So the football's program right now looks like this. We have Mosaic No Huddle as the gold feature, playoff as the core feature. There's going to be a good chunk of contenders. We'll make sure that there's enough contenders in there for it to make the most probable box. And then there's going to be a box of Prism No Huddle 2020 Prism hobby has become insane and really hard to find, and so to make the whole program work, we're going to go with Prism No Huddle.

So it's not quite as crazy as Prison Hobby, but there is 18 packs instead of twelve. Thought that was a good trade off to keep the program going. And as far as the rest of the program goes, I will do my very best to make it as the most fun as possible. Obviously, we want to send out fun boxes. There's a lot of variables and unknowns about this month as we're trying to buy Wax, but I will do my best to make it the strongest program that we can.

Again, I highly recommend considering a subscription you'll lock in a box for this month as well as months to come, because there's a lot of unknown, like I said, and we're not sure what April is going to look like at all. So I wanted to give you guys a little bit of a heads up there in case that is where we ended up going. For basketball's program donors is going to be the gold feature they have on Card next day autos this year. So very exciting stuff. Out of basketball and then the core feature is going to be Recon.

You got 20% chance of an auto there. We're going to include two mosaic hobby boxes in the program and then we're going to have enough mosaic fast break and optic hobby to get into the most probable box. So most gold boxes are going to get a pack of mosaic fast break pack of optic, guaranteed the Recon, guaranteed the donnas. It's going to be a fun month of basketball. Again, baseball.

The gold feature is going to be Bowman Sterling and the core feature is going to be top series one jumbo. That stuff has really jumped up. Everybody's chasing the wander Frank or rookies and autos. It's kind of a fun product. Right now.

We're kind of not sure what's going to happen with baseball, but the chase for wander Franco is definitely a way to enjoy that sport. As of right now, we're also going to include some Bowman's best and some Bowman Chrome. But the most fun thing about baseball's program is we're going to include two sealed boxes of the newly released or that will be newly released by the end of the month of tops inception. So two people are going to get a sealed box with tops inception. That's pretty fun.

And then we have stalker. The gold feature is going to be finest, which has jumped in price over the last couple of months. Excuse me. And then the core feature product is going to be the brand new prism new prison Premier League that comes out this month. You're going to guarantee the hobby pack of that with the core feature.

And then we're going to put a lot of Chrome. Something that we've heard a lot of feedback from is people love tops Chrome and we've had that as the core feature in the last couple of months and people are like, I want more tops Chrome. So we're actually going to put it in the program this month, but we are going to put a lot of it in there. In fact, the most probable box is actually set to receive three packs of tops Chrome UEFA. So we're going to have some other good stuff in there.

Again, we're going to make it the best that we can, but they're going to get a lot of tops Chrome guaranteed to get the new prism and getting a pack of finest as well. Soccer also going to be fun this month. A little pro tip for you, too. Soccer has the least amount of subscriptions. So if you start a subscription in soccer, you have a higher chance of getting that free bronze box at the end.

So another fun month of the pack plus program. We're proud to bring it to you. We look forward to seeing you order and open your packs and show us what you got. Make sure you tag us on Instagram, Twitter at brothers and cards. Thank you, guys.

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