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March Pack Plus Program Features

In the past, I have released this info in a YouTube video. This month, I am going to try doing so in an article. Also, this month is fire.

Blitz Night

On the first Wednesday of every month, we do our Blitz Sale - where if you buy a Gold Box during the sale, you get a Blitz Bonus. Here are the prizes:

We will go live tomorrow night on Instagram from 7-8pm EST to give away the prizes. If you don't have Instagram, do not worry - just shoot us an email and we will make sure you are included. In the past, I have always ran the sale only within that hour. This month, I am going to widen that opportunity. Anyone who orders a gold box between right now and 8pm EST tomorrow night will be included in the Blitz Sale. If you have not selected the number for your prize by 7:50, I will pick one for you (lowest number available in order of when your order came in). This video will save to our feed on Instagram, so it will be able to be viewed anytime.

I also want to remind you that when you have an active subscription, you are eligible to win a free bronze box every single month. That's right, we give away a $90 bronze box in each sport every month. It does not matter which level your subscription is. Pro tip: consider a bronze baseball subscription - baseball has the least amount of subscriptions, making your chances to win better than the other sports. Also, baseball is hot right now!

Did you know you get FREE SHIPPING on our eBay store when you're in our Pack Plus Program? It's true! And we have hundreds of auctions running all the time. We have about 500+ auctions ending this week! Here's how it works:

Go win as many auctions as you want. On Friday, we will send you an invoice with FREE SHIPPING. We will then include your auction cards in your Pack Plus box!


Gold Feature: 2021-22 Select

Core Feature: 2022-23 Donruss (brand new)

Featured in the random:

2021-22 Prizm

2021-22 Contenders

2021-22 Mosaic

2021-22 Revolution

2022-23 Elite (brand new)

**lineups are subject to change throughout the month, but we do our best to maintain features


Gold Feature: 2022 Bowman Draft Jumbo

Core Feature: 2022 Bowman's Best (brand new)

Featured in the random:

2023 Topps Series 1 Jumbo (case)

2022 Bowman Draft Super Jumbo

2022 Topps Finest (case)

2022 Bowman Chrome (case)

2022 Topps Fire

**lineups are subject to change throughout the month, but we do our best to maintain features

BREAKING TONIGHT!! $85 per random team gets a FULL REFUND!

Get 10% off your first spot with us - get another 10% off when you bring a friend!



Gold Feature: 2022 Phoenix FOTL (brand new)

Core Feature: 2022 Mosaic No Huddle

Featured in the random:

2022 Prizm Hobby (half case) (brand new)

2022 Phoenix (full 16 box case) (brand new)

2022 Certified

2022 Donruss (full case)

2022 Elite FOTL

2021 Contenders (full case)

2022 Bowman U (just 1 box)

**lineups are subject to change throughout the month, but we do our best to maintain features

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