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May Pack Plus Program


I am excited for another month!

Since we made the price change a couple years ago, I have been hoping we would get to a day where we could use Prizm as a Gold Feature.

That day has come! Every Basketball Gold box will be guaranteed a pack of 2022-23 NBA Prizm!

It has been a while since I advertised our "Most Probable Box". These boxes are not guaranteed - this is just a representation of the most likely result based off of how many packs we have of each product in the program.

Our formula is always built to generate a "Most Probable Box" that equals or exceeds the price point we charge. We consider the approximate value of Football's Most Probable Box to be around $274. Some boxes will have more value and some will have less, but this is the most likely result.

You read that correctly - one box will receive a sealed box of 2023 Topps Archives Signature Series (guaranteed autograph). While that will only effect one lucky box, the value in the Most Probable Box stands higher than usual this month -we value this box at $288.

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