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Most Probable Gold Boxes for January

We us a lot of math to determine which products we use for our Pack Plus Program. The "most probable box" is a piece of our formulas that we spend a lot of focus on. The majority of our boxes will be similar to these:

You read that correctly -most gold boxes will get a pack of Topps Museum to go along with Bowman Sterling and Bowman Draft Jumbo. Those three alone combine for about $200 in value. It's possible that you might now get Museum, but even then, you will likely get some of the brand new Bowman's Best. A lot of fun to be had in baseball this month!

We were excited to have the brand new Donruss Hobby as our Gold Feature, but it got pushed back like many other products this month. It was only right that we replaced it with something strong, so bring on the Melo and Ant-Man Prizm rookies from Prizm Fast Break!

KAAAABOOOOOM! We are hoping to see a KABOOM out of one of our gold boxes this month. Each will come with a pack of Donruss that released last month. The new Prizm EPL was supposed to release this month but got pushed, so we will use last year's Prizm EPL. Whether you go Gold, Silver, or Bronze, you are guaranteed some Topps Chrome! Our soccer program remains strong.

This may be the most loaded football program we've had in a while. Most (if not all) gold boxes will land a pack of Optic, Mosaic, or Prizm (Optic is most likely, which is why it is mentioned in the graphic). We were jacked to include Phoenix as the Gold Feature, but it was moved all the way back to March. As we mentioned in our Product Preview video, if that happened, we would revert back to Certified. Now, each Gold Box has a 40% chance of hitting with Certified and then a 33% of hitting with Playoff. I imagine a good amount of boxes will hit in each of those products. We are using a half case of Illusions so there is a 50% chance that the HoloHeroes Case Hit is in our program. We are also using a case of Donruss, so there's a 100% chance that there is a Downtown and possibilities of other hobby exclusive SSP inserts like Night Moves, Firework Rated Rookies, and others. I can't wait to rip our monthly silver boxes with Truman and Roman! If you have been waiting for the right lineup to jump in, this might be it!

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