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July's Program, Final Blitz Night, eBay Purge, greatest break value ever?

July's Program - who likes new products?


Core Feature: Optic

Prizm Hobby & Select Hobby will be included


Gold Feature: PRIZM

Core Feature: Prizm Fast Break

Select Hobby will be included

Upcoming Chronicles will be included

BASEBALL: Gold Feature: Bowman Jumbo

Core Feature: Upcoming 2023 Topps Chrome Jumbo

Upcoming Topps Tribute will be included

AFTER TONIGHT, we are retiring Blitz Night

Blitz Night was once extremely successful. We would have 30-50 people in the live stream and we once sold 60 gold boxes in that live hour. That has greatly decreased over the last two years. That being said, we love hanging out with those that do participate and hope you can all join us live on Instagram tonight even if you are not buying a box. I can also tell you that tonight's prizes are going to be almost all hobby packs, so getting that 10th pack added to your box is always fun!

Our main reasons for doing away with Blitz Night is because we have something much bigger coming in August...We are also doing away with the subscription bonus for the same reason. For the last couple years, we have given away a free bronze box in each sport to someone who had a subscription. The truth is that nobody started a subscription because of that giveaway.

Our new plan will be an effort to increase gold subscriptions, as those are really what makes the program work. Being able to budget and work with subscriptions helps us make the program better, as we are able to buy earlier and allocate funds to get bigger and better deals. We believe this new plan will be something that really changes the way people look at our subscription box. We will definitely be rolling out more information as we lead up to August. Here's a spoiler:

These aren't our normal eBay auctions...

We decided to auction off pretty much EVERYTHING we had in our eBay store that was $30 or less. All of these auctions started at $4.99 and we combine shipping so that you never pay more than $5 for shipping whether you buy 5 or 50 cards. We listed 300 auctions and less than 25% even have any bids to this point. Pretty wild and not good for us...but could be great for you. We are happy when true BIC followers win - go get yours on our eBay store.

Tomorrow night's break is LOADED with value.

June's Football Program in general was extremely rich in pack value after many products skyrocketed in value after I announced the lineups. I stick to my word when that happens. Tomorrow night's break will have 5 Gold Football Boxes for the same price as always - $50 per random team, with one spot getting a FULL REFUND. I doubt spots last very long. Each gold box is guaranteed a pack of 2022 Select and a pack of 2022 Phoenix. The rest of the program is solid. It is likely that we see more than 10 hits in the break. It launches today. Get in on the action in our Facebook Group before spots are all gone!

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