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So our Gold Box Breaks...

Part of being a breaker is being unique, which we have always strived to do with our full refund in each break. But now that we are running breaks with our box, it has opened up a whole new world.

With our "Case Breaks" (10 Gold Boxes) you are getting a mix of current products. While packs are randomized, we pull the packs for these 10 boxes from the same box, meaning that if throughout the 10 boxes, there are 22 packs of Contenders, we use 1 full box and then 4 packs from another full box. By doing this, we are able to guarantee a certain amount of hits. For example, we know that tonight's Baseball break is guaranteed to have at least 12 hits with potentially up to 24!

We will be doing one of these for each sport every month for the foreseeable future. To be completely honest, these have been the most fun breaks I have ever done in my life. I love showing off our Pack Plus Program, but I also love pulling a whole bunch of hits. You never know what could be in each box. It's a lot of fun! Hope to see you tonight! Spots still available!

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