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Wax has gone crazy again.

We saw a 2020 like surge in all 2022 Football hobby boxes.

We announce our lineups for each month's Pack Plus Program at the beginning of the month. We waited longer than normal this month - we wanted to see what happened to Select before release. We announced our lineups on June 5th when Select was still listed at $550 on Blowout as a pre-release. We made that the gold feature - every one of our June boxes was guaranteed a pack of Select.

By that Wednesday, just two days after we announced our lineup, Select was up to $750 per box. Now, it's up to $850.

It wasn't the only product to make this type of jump. You can see the new prices per box below.

When we promise a program, we deliver that program. We took a hit on a few products and the process has been delayed a bit, but the program we advertised will be delivered.

We obviously can't take hits like that every month - no business can. Be on the lookout for changes across the hobby. For us, we are looking at putting a limit on the amount of gold boxes we can sell. If you want an affordable option to rip hobby packs, I highly recommend ordering one of our gold boxes ASAP. When we saw this in 2020, we got to a point where we could only fulfill subscriptions. That is a way you could help us and yourself - a subscription. It's $5 cheaper per box for you, and it helps us budget and buy wax earlier in the month to avoid issues that we saw this month.

It's also worth noting that we are about to completely change the subscription incentives and giveaways - and it's awesome.

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