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What is the Pack Plus Program?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Feel free to forward to those that may be interested! Football season is coming!

Video Transcript:

What is the pack Plus program?

Well, the easy answer is we have a subscription box that allows customers to open high-end packs without paying high-end prices.

You can find our boxes all over YouTube including top creators like Packer Cards 87 and Capital P Cards. You can find our boxes all over the country at different card shops like Indy Card Exchange, RbiCru7, and Meelypops. You can even see us opening our boxes with some of your favorite players, like Packers running back, AJ Dillon or Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The idea for our program started back in 2016, when I was a teacher on a budget. I just had my son Truman, and I was itching to get to any current exchange. But when I got there, I get only rip those bottom tier products. But I always wanted even a chance at ripping some of those top shelf products. Now, I was a math teacher and so is my buddy Andy—that had come along board the Brothers In Cards team.

Many, many ideas and many spreadsheets later, we came to what we now call the Pack Plus Program.

So here's how it works

You pay $255 for a gold box. And that's about what a lot of the lower tier products cost. You're guaranteed one pack that's around $50.

In fact, for this month in August, that's going to be Luminance.

Then you get eight other random packs from what we call the lineup for that month program. This is where all that math comes in. So we build our lineups. very intentionally using a lot of percentages, a lot of you know public interest, a lot of different price points.

Now with this lineup, we create what we call the most probable box, and this includes eight hobby packs, that gets you real close to that $255 mark with the gold feature. Now these are all current year hobby packs, and they can range from the low end all the way up to products like Prizm and Select.

Here's a look at July's football program

Again, you see all those high impacts that like Panini Prizm No Huddle, like Prizm Draft Picks, like Luminance. Now we randomize all these packs live on our YouTube.

So, if you had a Gold Box in July, you've gotten the gold featured product, plus eight random packs from that big assortment. Once the random is done, we post all of these results on our website. If you go to the blog section of our website, you can go down and see July's Pack Sheets. And, that shows what every single person got in their box.

And, check out some of these boxes that came from our July Pack Plus Program

We do this program for Football, Basketball, Baseball. And for this month, the first time ever we're doing Soccer.

We also have other levels

We've talked about the Gold Box that's our most popular, but we also have a Silver and a Bronze level. A Silver Box gets six packs from that same assortment, that same random. And, then the Bronze Box gets three packs from that same assortment.

We post updates and information about our Pack Plus Program all month long on our Instagram page

So make sure you follow us there. Also make sure you sign up for the newsletter on our website, because we generate a lot of information that way as well.

We would love to have you in our program

We would love to see you pull some crazy cards from our boxes. And, make sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all of those things.

And, you know, we love to see our boxes opened on YouTube as well, as we've seen so many collectors over the years do that.

You're ready to join the thousands of people we've had try our box over the last few years, go to and get that order in before due date.

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