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WhatNot Tomorrow 1-3pm EST!

If you have not yet downloaded the WhatNot app, you are getting behind in the modern day hobby. Imagine eBay, but instead of auctions ending days or weeks away from when you see them, auctions are ending in seconds.

We will be live on the app from 1-3 on Fridays.

Once we get just 40 heads in on our live stream, we start auctioning off SLABS starting at just $1, and the auctions only last SIXTY SECONDS.

As if that weren't enough, each auction won gets you an entry to win a free $85 Bronze Box. We typically end up getting through 65-75 auctions. So if you can snag 15 auctions for $85, you are looking at a ~20% chance to get your money back in a bronze box. The opportunities on WhatNot are incredible. Follow our page and join our live stream here:

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