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Who we collect matters

We buy, we sell, we collect. Let's take a minute to talk about the most fun of the three.

I have posted pictures on Instagram from time to time. I've showed a few friends. But for the majority of the time, my collection sits in a box. Can anyone relate to that? I decided to bring my collection to life by telling the story of each of my favorite cards. Our newest YouTube series Who Do I Collect? is not just about me. Sports are fun. Being a player, coach, fan - it's fun. Collecting is fun. This new series is about reminding myself and all of you that our cards are more than just cardboard.

I felt like it was only right to start out with the player that helped me fall in love with football: Peyton Manning. Below is episode one. Coming soon will be my Tim Tebow and Kirk Cousins collections. I am also excited about episodes in this series that are more about the moments of the pull than the actual player on the card.

I had a blast telling my stories in these videos. I want to hear your stories too. If you make a video or post a story on your Instagram, tag us or email us the link.

Here's episode 1!

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